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22-25 November 2021 - Dubai



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Welcome to the UIHJ 2021 Dubai International Congress

The International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) is an international non-governmental organisation incorporated to promote, co-ordinate and develop the activity of the judicial officers internationally in order to safeguard, through closer co-operation between the representative professional organisations on a national level, the dignity and independence towards a better service to persons and to the community.

There are 93 member or associated member (by co-operation agreements) organisations of the UIHJ, from 90 countries.

The UIHJ actively collaborates with UN and Uncitral, The Hague Conference on Private International Law, the World Bank, IMF, USAID, the Council of Europe and the CEPEJ, the European Union, EBRD, ELI, Ohada and Ersuma, Waemu, and Asean.

In a world dominated by the economy, it is essential for legal professionals to fulfil their role by reinforcing the status and prestige of the law.

In respect of enforcement law, the UIHJ uses its experience and influence to ensure the efficient enforcement of legal decisions, wherever possible.

The UIHJ is also at the core of e-Justice by presenting the judicial officer as an influential, trusted third party, responsible for this core activity.

On the scientific level, the UIHJ has a Scientific Council made up of 12 university professors from four continents and has signed cooperation agreements with several universities worldwide.

The UIHJ published in 2015 the Global Code of Enforcement.

Every three years, the UIHJ organises the international congress of judicial officers, a unique scientific event, and a great opportunity for contacts for the profession of judicial officer.

The international congress of the UIHJ constitutes a unique platform for exchanges to which judicial officers from all over the world and large organisations bring their thoughts to work together for the development of the work of justice.

Many reflections and significant advances for the profession of judicial officer have emerged from the international congresses of the UIHJ:

  • Guaranteeing Secure and Sustainable Justice – The Judicial Officer, an Essential Element of Good Governance (Bangkok 2018)
  • The Judicial Officer: Link between Law and economy, a New Approach to Enforcement – presentation of the Global Code of Enforcement (Madrid 2015)
  • The Judicial Officer of the 21st Century (Cape Town 2012)
  • The Judicial Officer in the Law, in the State, in the World (Marseille 2009)
  • The harmonization of enforcement procedures in an area of justice without borders (Washington 2006)
  • The globalization of law in an area of universal justice (Tunis 2003)

From 22 to 25 November 2021, the 24th International Congress of Judicial Officers will be held in Dubai on the theme of “Cyberjustice: New opportunities for the judicial officer“.

On this occasion, the UIHJ will unveil its work relating to the creation of the Global Code of Digital Enforcement.

Participation in the work of the congress is open to all and we are expecting many of you in Dubai!

You will find all the information about our 24th International congress on this site.


Dubai Courts are keen to achieve justice in the Emirate of Dubai and give everyone his legal right, and ensure a peaceful living-hood for those who are living in Dubai to enjoy justice, equality, with preservation of rights, freedom as well as to avail equal opportunities.

The Courts has three categories: The First Instance Court, which is the first degree of litigation, the Appeal Court, the second degree of litigation, and the Court of Cassation, which is the highest level of litigation.

Dubai Courts have been able to keep up with the technological development-taking place in the world, as well as to realize the vision of Higher Command to transform to smart government, whereas most of the Court’s services are available electronically. Thus, the client can get the desired services through his mobile device without bothering to come to the headquarters of Dubai courts.

Dubai Courts provide a number of services, including litigation on Civil, Labor, Personal Status, first instance, Criminal Courts, Appeal, and Cassation, as well as legal and civil documentation services, enforcement of judgments, orders, and deputation, and the organization and accreditation of lawyers to appear before the Court.

Welcome message

His Excellency
Taresh Eid Al Mansouri

Director-General of Dubai Courts

It is my pleasure to welcome you through this digital platform of the International Congress of the UIHJ which is scheduled to be held in Dubai. The Congress focuses on executing judicial judgments and hosts Representatives of seventy one countries and cities. The participants are from private and self-employment sector who are interested in executing judgments. The Congress will be held in partnership between Dubai Courts and the International Union of Judicial Officers.

The Congress is in line with Dubai Courts instructions to develop cooperation with related organizations in order to provide leading and globally distinguished judicial services.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants interested in justice, judiciary and judgments execution. Participants are from numerous full membership countries in the International Union of Judicial Officers, which include 93 countries as full members and 6 countries as observer members.

We are all proud, on official and local level, to host this gathering in Dubai for the first time in the region of Middle East and North Africa.

The trust given by the Board of Directors and Members of the UIHJ to Dubai Courts to host this global event is highly appreciated. The Congress shall be held during the period from 22 to 25 November 2021. Through this Congress, new and fast ways to knowledgeable future will be opened which will be full of opportunities.

The future will highly depend on knowledge to develop and progress in the field of judgments enforcement and support to judicial institutions. Our hope is to find new means so that our world becomes equitable and better place, and to provide to the members of our communities all that the future can provide of ambitions and hopes that contribute to protection of their rights and develop their faith in justice.

I wish everybody success and progress in this Congress and we hope that decisions and recommendations elevate to fulfill the huge responsibilities put on our shoulders to support ideas, projects and initiatives which help us to progress into more equitable world.

Marc Schmitz

President of UIHJ

Dubai is waiting for you!


The 24th International Congress of the UIHJ is on the starting blocks.

Having been rescheduled from March 2021 to the end of November 2021, UIHJ is looking forward with hope and optimism to the next incarnation of its International Congress.

The event, which only occurs every three years, constitutes a highlight in the professional life of the judicial officer and will be organized in Dubai.

UIHJ is very grateful for the successful partnership with the Dubai Courts, which will guarantee a smooth organization and comfortable stay for all participants.

The chosen topic of the Congress “CYBERJUSTICE, New Opportunities for the Judicial Officer” clearly defines the expectations of the profession.

The world is becoming digitized at the speed of light and the current COVID-19 pandemic is even speeding up that process. The judicial officer should consider the digital evolution in the judiciary, not only as a challenge but as an opportunity!  An opportunity to reinvent himself!

Digital enforcement and enforcement of digital assets will become common practice in the near future.  But so far, legislation is not keeping pace with the technical evolution!

There is a requirement to introduce rules concerning digital enforcement and enforcement of digital assets.  And these rules must be harmonized, right from the start on a worldwide level. Solutions on a state-level only, will not be sufficient. The digital world is cross-border.  For that reason, consideration of continental and even global harmonization is crucial.

Events like our 24th International Congress can play a central role in this development and generate further considerations. UIHJ can be one of the pioneers and take a leading role by drafting position papers and making recommendations in the field of digital enforcement.

The presentation of a Global Code of digital enforcement, during the 24th International Congress of the UIHJ in Dubai, could become a milestone in its history.  It will be THE opportunity for the UIHJ to distinguish itself and to inspire the creation of national legislation in the field of digital enforcement and which would be – right from the beginning – harmonized on a worldwide level.

Under the direction of David Walker, General Rapporteur of the Congress, a multitude of panelists and experts will contribute to the success of the event during a scientific program which will meet even the highest expectations.

I look forward to welcoming you to Dubai in November.

Dubai is waiting for you ….



President of UIHJ

David Walker

General rapporteur of the Congress

It is a wonderful opportunity and privilege, to be appointed Rapporteur Général for the 24th UIHJ International Congress. Having been a Judicial Officer, in private practice in Scotland, for all my adult life, I have seen our profession deal with many challenges, be they domestic social problems, legislative or political issues. What I have found most remarkable, through my long association with UIHJ, is that I have never been alone, and the problems I have faced, have been similar if not identical to those of colleagues from all over the world. I have consistently found our global fraternity to be a real source of inspiration and motivation to succeed in my professional and private life.

It is, therefore, my great pleasure and welcome task, to work with President Marc Schmitz, our partners in Dubai Courts, and the rest of the Congress Organisation Team, to deliver an outstanding international Congress. As Rapporteur Général, it is my duty to ensure we provide you with a world-class venue, a fascinating and relevant scientific program, and of course a truly remarkable social and networking opportunity.

On the first count, my job has been made very easy by our colleagues in Dubai Courts, who have welcomed us to the UAE, specifically the city of Dubai which is easily one of the most dynamic and internationally accessible venues, for hosting such an event. The fact that our Congress coincides with the Dubai World Expo, makes this the perfect opportunity to visit this exciting and diverse city, where modern architecture, seamlessly integrates with a very rich and historic Arabic culture.

In terms of delivering a fascinating and relevant scientific program, again, you will not be disappointed. Our Congress Theme is:

Cyber Justice, New Opportunities for the Judicial Officer…

Under this mantra, we will explore how our profession has responded to the global COVID19 pandemic, by highlighting innovative best practices and how we have supported fair and effective justice, during this unprecedented international crisis.

We are already aware, that in many jurisdictions, civil and criminal justice systems have been forced to react by accelerating their justice digitization programs. We have seen emergency legislation to enable more effective online communication between courts and stakeholders. We have even seen a revolution in home working, which is unlikely to be reversed after the world returns to the new normal.

We will also focus on the impact of new, smart technologies which are developing so fast, that domestic legal systems are being left behind, specifically in relation to the cross-border claims and the invisible nature of digital assets.

Here, we will explore how Judicial Officers can best react, by better understanding emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and other such technologies.

We will then go full circle, by returning to the human aspect of future enforcement, by identifying the key skills and attributes of the modern Judicial Officer, remembering that whilst more sophisticated IT systems will play an important role, by removing simple, repetitive processing and decision making. At, at some point, we will still need a technical expert with professional standards, human empathy, and genuine determination, to ensure that court judgments are properly enforced.

This blend of practical, futuristic, and human elements, will collectively deliver a diverse and fascinating scientific program, which will help you better understand and prepare for the challenges ahead, regardless of your location, function, or business environment.

Last but not least, we will deliver an unforgettable cultural and social experience. Dubai has now positioned itself as a worldwide superpower for tourism. The leisure options are quite literally breath-taking, and we will ensure that our Congress provides the ideal opportunity to experience many of Dubai’s exciting leisure opportunities, including a spectacular welcome party and gala night.

Looking ahead to November, we are quietly confident that the worst of the COVID nightmare, will soon be behind us. After a year of uncertainty, self-isolation, and imposed international travel restrictions, now is the time to look forward with a sense of hope and optimism. What better way to move on from this most unwelcome sabbatical, by coming together in our unique global forum.

On behalf of UIHJ Congress Team, I look forward to welcoming you to Dubai for what I am certain will be an outstanding international, scientific and cultural event.